Author: Deric Torres, ISA AM

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area

A Modern Style for a Modern San Francisco   As many collectors and scholars are aware, the Arts and Crafts Movement began as a revolt against the Age of Industry, and the movements core was to embrace honest, hand made furniture and decorative art.  It was the first ‘Modern’ furniture movement in America.  The designs were a stark contrast to Victorian America.  In this short essay I would like to spotlight just a few of the many bay area artists and craftsmen that contributed to this great California Style. April 18, 1906, Victorian San Francisco came to an end. ...

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Museum Deaccessions

Deaccessioning is defined as the process by which a work of art or other object is permanently removed from a museum’s collection. Deaccessioning is a practical and constructive tool of collections care that, if practiced thoughtfully, supports the long-term preservation of a collection and can help a museum refine the scope of its collection in order to better serve its mission and community.

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