Author: Cristina Campion

The Grand Tour and Micro Mosaics: Discover the History Behind the Art Form

Recently at auction there has been a resurgence in popularity of items that were acquired during the Grand Tour, including micro mosaics. The Grand Tour spanned a period of 300 years, from the 17th century through the 19th century, and began as a post-study journey of wealthy gentlemen (generally from England) to study art and architecture in Italy and France, and to further enrich their Classical studies. There is an interesting New York Times blog by Matt Gross that further describes the Grand Tour. Gross suggests further reading of “Grand Tours and Cook’s Tours: A History of Leisure Travel,...

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Globe Trotting in Style: French Steamer Trunks

Designer French steamer trunks have been collected by both aficionados and novice collectors alike for decades, but what makes them so collectible? Learn more about how to date steamer trunks, what to look for when purchasing and see examples of Louis Vuitton and Francois Goyard trunks.

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Welcome to Clars: Going Once!

Welcome to Clars Auction Gallery’s new blog. Our blog will give us the opportunity to share the latest news in art and design. You will hear from our specialists and staff who will discuss recent auction trends, and will provide tips for new buyers and sellers. We invite you to leave comments and ask questions, and we hope you enjoy our postings. Thank you for your interest in Clars Auction Gallery.

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